Great Northern Hotel

Tessa Boer-Mah 6 May 2019


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Heritage Significance

The Great Northern Hotel is notable for its Art Deco style and is one of the few intact examples of a ‘jazz-style’ interior. Having served as a major commercial hotel for many decades, it has been a vital part of the city’s social development.

Interesting Facts

The three deep wings that look a bit like towers from the front were designed to allow for adequate ventilation of the rooms as it was constructed before the advent of air conditioning. These three street-facing wings are connected to a service wing at the back.

In 1954, the venue was reported to have fabulous roof gardens on the fifth and sixth floors.

There are some reports of a ghost in the building. This spirit can make fans spin on hot days, despite there being no airflow or electricity to them.

The 1938 Murals painted by Herbert Gallop – Industry and Leisure, which were taken for cleaning in 1987 (before the sale of the hotel in 1988), ended up in 1989 at an art auction (they had been apparently offered to the new owners of the hotel, but their price was too high). They are now owned by Newcastle Council and are on display in the foyer of Newcastle Civic Theatre. These murals are important in illustrating a cultural shift in Australia at the time from a predominantly agricultural society to an industrialised state.


The Great Northern Hotel is to be transformed back into a magnificent hotel servicing the people of Newcastle and travellers alike.

Heritage Listing

State and Local

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Written by

Tessa Boer-Mah